Collect your high value data

In real time

Smartprofile is the solution to centralize your ecosystem data into a single customer repository

How reconstituer le user journey de vos clients ?mutualiser l’ensemble des données hétérogènes de vos contacts ?bénéficier d’une vision plus complète de votre business ?collecter vos données en toute conformité ?


provides a single client repository (RCU)


live data from your contacts' browsing (web and app)


a 360° view of your customers’ omnichannel journey

  • Data mapping within your ecosystem : Statistics, declarative, behavioral, transactional

  • Creating Your Data Model : Based on Your Business and Needs

  • Connect to all your data sources: APIs, connectors, feeds

  • Tracking your digital tools for real-time collection : Site, App, Voice, CRM

  • Qualifying your contacts with the native modules of the Smartprofile solution : Form, survey, gaming

  • Application of your GDPR policy to guide the collection of your data

RGPD Compliant


Be in compliance

In the DNA of the company Net Solution Partner (NSP) that publishes the Smartprofile solution, the latter has a dedicated module to drive your data


A responsible approach

Retain and transform data that is strictly necessary. Improve your targeting and campaign customization

Less data, more qualification. Fewer campaigns, more details

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Secure integration into your complex ecosystem


Fast and agile implementation team


A native analytics module since 2003


Exemption from consent by the CNIL