Leverage your data

Make the right decisions

Smartprofile, the integrated solution for making informed business decisions and effectively implementing related marketing or business actions

Leverage your data

How obtenir un aperçu complet de vos données ? optimiser votre stratégie d’entreprise ? avoir une meilleure connaissance de vos cibles ? optimiser votre parcours client ? automatiser vos actions marketing ?


Understanding your business with reliable, complete, and intelligible information


your business decisions and validate your strategy


your decisions in targeted and measurable marketing and sales actions

  • From raw data to insight : Turn raw data into insights that can be used by your teams

  • Indicators for decision making : Benefit from actionable business indicators to confirm your business decisions

  • Cross-Channel Campaign Activation : Design relevant and personalized marketing campaigns

  • Marketing automation : Automate your marketing campaigns to optimize your time and budget

  • An integrated approach to Test&Learn : Capitalize on your generated interactions to enrich your knowledge with new data to optimize your strategy and streamline your expenses


Au service de votre réussite

Avec les algorithmes Smartprofile, déclenchez vos campagnes avec le bon message, au bon moment et à la bonne cible


A responsible approach

Retain and transform data that is strictly necessary. Améliorez votre ciblage et la personnalisation de vos campagnes.

Less data, more qualification. Fewer campaigns, more details

By centralizing data collection, consolidation, transformation, and automated marketing or business operations, Smartprofile Smartprofile lets you focus on the essentials: la prise de décision et le passage à l’action.

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All in 1

An all-in-one marketing hub solution to streamline cost within a multi-function tool


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