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Webinar Analytics

Do you want to see more clearly on the CNIL's regulation around cookies, the compliance of Google Analytics? Smartprofile teams answer all your questions


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Webinaire Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an essential lever in your Marketing strategy. You want to discover the basics to optimise your customer relationship and achieve your goals, this webinar is for you

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Webinaire Social ads

As a media player, how can social ads help you in your strategy of acquiring traffic and retaining your audience? Learn best practices for managing campaigns and tracking your conversions

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iOS15 Update Webinar

Avec l’arrivée d’iOS15, Apple a mis en place une nouvelle fonctionnalité Mail Privacy Protection qui a pour conséquence de simuler une ouverture d’email qu’elle soit effective ou non. Quels palliatifs Smartprofile a mis en place pour assurer un suivi de campagnes le plus juste possible

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CNIL Directive and Cookies Webinar

What is your duty to your customers? How do you comply with the new guidelines and regulations for tracking data on your sites and APPs?

What are the implications for the management of your business and the tracking of your media purchase budgets?

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How AI Contributes more responsible marketing

Check out our intervention at WAICF to find out how AI optimises marketing campaigns. Discover the simple and clear explanations for our R&D work presented by our CTO and our Data Scientist

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Date d’expiration d’un email pour réduire l’empreinte carbone

Join us with the Badsender teams to discuss the #zerocarbon initiative for more respectful marketing campaigns

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