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Smartprofile, the flexible and scalable marketing hub solution

La solution est en évolution continue. Elle se coconstruit au gré des besoins de nos utilisateurs.

Web Analytics

Tracking and tracking the omnichannel customer journey

Native Mobile App Tracking

Tracking and tracking navigation on your iOS and Android apps

Behavioral Analysis

Analyze your users’ paths

Landing page

Communicate with target destination pages without development


With just a few clicks, create and distribute custom surveys to “measure” customer experience

Registration Form

Collect information to enrich your contact base or organize an event

BtoC and BtoB CRM

Populate your database to process your customer relationship and/or prospects within the interface

Contact Management

Manage your contact lists and mailing lists

Multi-Table Management

Create custom tables based on your business

Advanced Segmentation

Filter your contacts with unlimited segmentation criteria for better targeting of your communication campaigns


Improve your customer knowledge to optimize your targeting

GDPR Module

Map data, process data) and establish your own data retention policies based on GDPR regulations

Marketing automation

Save time by automating your campaigns with automated marketing scenarios

Emailing marketing

Send your newsletters and campaigns ensuring an excellent deliverability rate

Local & Distributed Marketing

Think global, act local, and distribute your marketing resources to your network

Technical Support

Fast and available technical support based in France to answer all your questions

Help & Support

Support videos, guide, FAQs and a Customer success team with a dedicated point of contact to accompany you and answer all your questions of use

Marketing Consulting

Take advantage of the advice of our internal experts or partners to get marketing resources and ideas

SMS Marketing

Maintain a close relationship with your customers

A/B/C Emailing Test

Test your email campaigns for impact

Facebook Post

Prepare your Facebook posts from the interface

Web Push

Create web browser push notifications to push your news

Mobile Push

Create mobile push notifications to push your news

Pop in & customizable web content

Communicate on your site with pre-defined and customizable content areas

Built-in Builders

Create your marketing resources and brand your audience with our ready-to-use block system


Store your images, documents or templates

Reporting & Dashboarding

Analyze the results of your actions with advanced reports


Set up sending alerts or dashboards or dashboards to track your performance

Allocation of the multi-channel acquisition

Justify your media purchase investments with a campaign allocation model

API & External Connectors

Easily access your data and connect Smartprofile to your favorite tools

Export BI & Data Studio tool

Interact with your existing tools

GTM Compatibility

Tracking configurations fit perfectly into your GTM

Multi accounts & multi access

Collaborate with your team

Custom integration

Smartprofile easily integrates with your ecosystem, both in and out

Data Import/Export

Easily import and export your files to EXCL and CSV

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