Process your data

Within a GDPR compliant framework

Smartprofile is the RGPD compliant solution to build your custom Customer Data Platform (CDP) with optimized data that is useful and ready to use

How homogénéiser vos données ? nettoyer, dédoublonner, compléter vos données ?traiter vos données en fonction de vos objectifs ?capitaliser sur vos données métiers pour anticiper le futur ?mettre de l’intelligence dans le traitement de vos données ?


your raw data in business insight


Smart Data: thinner, more qualified, more GDPR and therefore more exploitable than Big Data


your data according to the management rules defined by your DPO

  • Automatic processes to prepare the data : Undubbing, cleaning, standardization, anonymization, purging, archiving

  • Intelligent processing to enhance data : Enrichment, segmentation, scoring, interpretation algorithm

  • Data security: ISO 27001 certified hosting in a cloud in France or in the European Union, daily data backup, customer proprietary data, non-shared, not sold, data encryption according to user needs

  • A Customer Data Platform tailored to your business needs: 360° Vision on and off-line across all your channels, real-time data refresh, set according to your GDPR policy


Valuing Your Data

Depending on your industry and business issues, Smartprofile, as its name suggests, helps you classify your base in profile with relevance


A responsible approach

Retain and transform data that is strictly necessary. Améliorez votre ciblage et la personnalisation de vos campagnes.

Less data, more qualification. Fewer campaigns, more details

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Secure accommodation in France and in the EU certified ISO 27001


Interpretation of complex data


Customer data platform open to the ecosystem


Solution GDPR compliant