How it works ?

Smartprofile, the guarantee of a successful project!

From the discovery of your needs to the daily use and follow-up, the Smartprofile teams will guide you with agility throughout the life of your project

Custom Initialization

From the study of your needs to the functional specification, the team will assist you in the implementation and launch of your project. dans la mise en œuvre et le lancement de votre projet.

Made in France
Made in France

Un paramétrage pour s’intégrer à votre écosystème

Internal team mastering 100% of the code, supervised by senior staff with strong IT expertise and recognized know-how on integration projects with third party players and CIO of the group.

Made in France

Hosting and security, the Smartprofile DNA

From the choice of hosting partners to the implementation of the IT security policy, the team ensures the highest level of security of hosted data on a daily basis.

All data is hosted on a redundant architecture located in France and in the European Union within ISO 27001 certified European law societies.

In the context of hosting sensitive data, additional security standards can be put in place on request. The solution can also be deployed in non-permitted mode.


A support team is available by email and phone to respond to user requests (average processing time less than 1 hour).

A dedicated customer success team monitors users on a daily basis.

A training catalog is offered to enable users or new employees to competently assemble all or part of the modules of the solution.

For tailor-made support, a TMA is offered as a supplement to manage specific needs throughout the year.

Made in France

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